Euro Stable As ECB Decides What Is Next

The euro-dollar stabilized around 1,320 on Monday after falling late last week amid remarks at Jackson Hole that encouraged traders to favor the greenback versus the euro. The ECB President Mario Draghi acknowledged that expectations about inflation were not satisfactory and that regulators would do everything in their power to restart it. In contrast, Janet… Read More »

Russia Strives To Ease Tension For Sake of Economy

The tone was set by geopolitics to trading with investors tracking the somewhat contradictory reports coming out of Ukraine and Russia seeing the potential dispatch of a humanitarian convoy that was Russian to town of Luhansk. Although some market comment was taking a cautious position, worrying Russian duplicity, in general marketplaces seemed to be sanguine,… Read More »

GBP Figures Paint A Worse Picture

Forecasts US rates measured by the rates on Treasury bills and the appetite for safe havens clearly down this week. Yet the Dollar Index held up well. That may be the best currency to be hoped in this unfavorable situation. For motivation in the future, the recent collapse of the figures in the volatility of… Read More »

More Risk On The Markets With Focus on Interest Rates

An attempt by the Dow Jones out of its range of two weeks and move toward its highest four months was low. This poor performance was not particularly surprising given the lack of fundamental strength during the session. For announcements planned, up the investigation of the NFIB small business optimism (for highest seven years) and… Read More »